Meet the candidates at Spaulding High School April 5th

Some of the candidates for the 1st District Congressional race have attended the most recent Rochester, NH Democratic Committee meetings held at the Rochester Library.  Mindi Messmer showed up for the February meeting.  Deaglan McEachern and Maura Sullivan participated in the March meeting.

Each candidate introduced themselves, discussed local and national hot button issues and took question from the audience.

It would not be proper to say who I favor. I can say that all three candidates are the kind of people that we need in Congress or elsewhere in government. They were all knowledgeable, enthusiastic and genuinely concerned about what is happening to our country and our state, from the opioid crisis to Veterans affairs and of course the economy and DACA.

But, so far, I have only listened to three candidates. You can listen and talk to all eight candidates at a round table forum to meet the candidates. It is being held on April 5th at the Spaulding High School cafeteria beginning at 6:30 PM.

Expected to attend are Mark MacKenzie; Deaglan McEachern; Mindi Messmer; Terence O’Rourke; Chris Pappas; Levi Sanders; Lincoln Soldati; and Maura Sullivan.

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