Chris Pappas, a must for Congress


We live in a very dangerous time.  We have, in the White House, a man who is corrupt, immoral, narcissi, unstable, bigoted and possibly treasonous.  Our forefathers saw this possibility and gave Congress the job to advise and consent.  But rather than do its job, this Republican controlled Congress has become complicit in the corruption and bigotry.

In November, we the voters, get a chance to right the wrongs of this Congress.  We get a chance to elect women and men to go to Washington and do the job that the writers of the Constitution intended them to do.  Chris Pappas is one of those people.

There are many reasons to vote for Chris Pappas.  He supports “universal healthcare and will work to ensure everyone has quality, affordable care coverage.”

“He led the successful fight to reverse that decision and fund family planning services and cancer screenings for more than 13,000 women and men in New Hampshire.”

“Chris will work to make college more affordable and to ensure it is within reach of each and every student.”

“Chris believes we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the super-rich.”

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But the biggest reason, in my mind, is to be a counter weight to the dysfunctional White House and an even more dysfunctional Republican controlled Congress.

Trump has energized white supremacist all over the country.  He is carrying out inhumane policies on our borders. He is bankrupting our country with a tax break for the rich that will add trillions of dollars to our national debt. And he is destroying our national security infrastructure and undermining the rule of law in this country.

Men and women like Chris Pappas are the only hope we have that there will still be a sound Democratic America left over after the stink of Trump has been removed from the White House.